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We were wary about the contract process, but Tim and Rob were VERY PATIENT with us. They met with us multiple times and responded to all of our questions and concerns.

One of my biggest fears was how VP would respond when a problem arose because I knew something would come up with such a big project. There have only been some minor bumps, but each time Tim & Rob were quick to address them without any hassle or push-back.It has helped tremendously with PEACE & MIND.

During the entire process, from contract negotiations to window installation to siding. Tim and Rob have patiently answered our questions, given us guidance and allayed concerns. So far it has not been the headache I thought it would be!

When we first begin discussing this renovation, we were not convinced that we would actually move forward with it. It seemed like a huge, overwhelming, undertaking. It took us months to decide to go ahead, but VP remained patient and met with us time and again to talk it through. Now that we are in the middle of it, I’m happy to say that their patience and willing communication with us has NOT changed. They immediately answer our questions, handle any issues that arise. and let us know what “steps” are coming up in the next process. SO FAR, SO GOOD!

VP is willing to work with you to create the space you want by remaining flexible and open-minded. They aren’t afraid to throw ideas your way and let you know when something may not work well. They even cut some of our costs after the contract was signed when they figured out that we didn’t need something that had been included. When does that happen?