Our Project Phases

At VP Construction, LLC, we provide our clients with a reliable, highly personalized service throughout the entire construction process. We believe that everyone deserves to get their dream home no matter what their budget is, and we’re eager to help our clients realize their vision.
Our team of designers and builders are fully committed to meeting your needs. We treat every project with the same level of dedication and hard work, and we strive to provide you with complete satisfaction.

Initial Consultation

Talk to us and ask us anything, the first step is always the most exciting yet the most crucial. Let us know what you think and we will do our best to move you forward.

Architecture Design

We take out only the best ideas from your plans and it is in our best interest to make your dream home come true.In any way possible, you are always free to express yourself for that is what home is all about.

Cost Estimation

We work according to the agreed plan and budget, with nothing added but our passion, commitment, and dedication on top of our work. This is our craft and if we will be asked for more, we can only give you nothing less, but the best.

Permitting & Zoning

We always believed that safety and precautions are always part of our work. The very same reason that drives our team to work harder and wiser, legally and professionally. You can always trust that everything is safe and under control.

Construction Process

We will build your dream home piece by piece until it is completed. It may take time but we are always confident that our work is something worth waiting for, from your roofs to your garden, everything will exist to simply amaze.

Completion Strategy

Finishing touches such as setting up your exterior designs are our most favorite part. We love how we give life to each and every project we receive. The opportunity we are granted to make a simple house into a home is truly a remarkable and rewarding profession.

Warranty with VP Constructions LLC.

We at VP CONSTRUCTION, LLC are always true and committed to our work. We always prefer a long term business relationship than a one-time project. This being said, we always give our clients support even after everything is completed. Our mission is to give not just your home but also your family, a proper treatment.