Pop Up 2nd Floors

“Maximize the space above your house
and dodge lot restrictions.”

VP Construction revolutionizes the way space is viewed and utilized with Pop Up Kings, a unit dedicated solely to building pop up additions in Arlington VA.

Having a small lot shouldn’t hamper you from expanding your home. Whether you need more space for your growing family or for a planned home office project, pop top house additions are the way to go. By adding a second floor pop up, you can maximize the space above your house and dodge lot restrictions.

Even for bigger lots, a second story addition is also a great option. Aside from being practical and cost-effective, a pop top house remodel enables you to have greater space inside your home, while maintaining a spacious yard for outdoor activities.

At VP Construction, we guarantee that our pop up home additions are built according to the highest standards. The technical competence of our designers and builders can be made apparent through our finished works that highlight amazing design, maximum safety and extraordinary comfort.

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