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Bathroom Design Ideas to Transform Your Home in 2019 featured photo

Looking to remodel your bathroom? 2019 might be your year!

Gone are the days when people don’t pay much attention to their bathrooms. Just because it only takes up a small area in one’s home doesn’t mean there’s no space left to play with aesthetics. In fact, people nowadays spend more money and time renovating their bathrooms than other parts of the house. Here are some beautiful bathroom design ideas for 2019 you may want to consider.

Industrial accents and designs

With last year’s hip tile patterns, matte black fixtures and minimalism, it comes as no surprise that industrial bathroom trends are gaining the 2019 spotlight. Play with contrast by combining vintage and modern in your main pieces. Matte black fixtures and fittings are still in, matched with golden accents for a more sophisticated look. And of course, you can’t achieve this whole industrial look without exposed plumbings and hardware. It’s all about the raw materials!

Bathroom Trends 2019
Industrial countertop with vintage themes
Bathroom Designs
Exposed black plumbing against white walls

Plaster and concrete

Adding more to the industrial vibe of your bathroom interior is the use of plaster and concrete in sink basins, countertops, walls, floors and more. What appears as dull and unappealing may look sophisticated when combined with the right materials. Concrete walls and floors look striking with porcelain tubs. White walls with wooden furnishings can be improved with concrete countertops. You may also ditch those pre-made ceramic sinks and go for concrete ones.

bathroom design ideas
Patterned concrete walls for added texture

Neutral palettes

If you want to keep it classic, neutrals never go out of style. Focus on neutral color schemes such as white, beige, taupe, ivory and even black. For a more traditional look, add more depth by combining hues of creams, almonds and pinks. Aside from presenting a tranquil facade, you can also play with your neutrals to make a small bathroom appear larger. To achieve this, use the same materials on the floor and walls, or consider having mirrored panels. Some pops of color here and there may as well provide a wonderful contrast.

modern bathroom design
Bathroom with a classic neutral color scheme

Minimalist and space-saving storage

Expect 2019 bathroom remodels to be more innovative when it comes to storage. You don’t want to leave all your toiletries lying around and ruining the whole bathroom interior, do you?

There are several options to choose from. Storage ledges have become a new bathroom trend because aside from its functionality, it gives a nice, clean look to every bathroom. You may also opt to have a vanity within storage space or hidden cabinets, whichever you think works best for you. The idea is to organize all your bath essentials without compromising bathroom space.

small bathroom ideas
Space-saving storage for small bathrooms

Statement mirrors

Mirrors are often one of the most disregarded bathroom items, because they are just… well, mirrors. It’s time to leave that thought in the past because 2019 bathroom redesigns incorporate more interesting mirror designs. They come in all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of frames to choose from, depending on the kind of statement you want to make. Another bathroom vanity trend to look out for this year is positioning vanities in front of windows. Mirrors can either be suspended from the ceiling or installed on your countertops, which gives better natural lighting.

bathroom remodel ideas
Creative use of tiles as mirror frame

Smart bathrooms

We have seen smart appliances and gadgets of every kind for the living room, kitchen and other key parts of the house, but how about the bathroom? With the fast growth of technology and the emergence of smart home systems, nothing seems to be impossible nowadays. From built-in speakers and ambient mood lighting to voice-activated toilets with heated seating, you can absolutely take your bathroom renovation to the next level. If you’re not tech-savvy, start with the basics or simply ask for advice from the professionals. With technology, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Always remember that the best gadgets for you are those that match your lifestyle and needs.

Bathroom remodeling takes a lot of time, money and effort, so it’s important to do some research first and decide on what you really want. Do not limit yourself to the latest trends, because what works for others might not work for you. Experiment with different colors, materials, and elements, and finish it with a personal touch. It’s a tedious process, but it’s going to be worth it.

top bathroom trends 2019

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