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What is asbestos? How does it affect us?
How is it connected with home construction and renovation?

These are the questions you need to know before you start to plan building or renovating your house.You are not just getting home contractors or home design services. You do not just contact house building companies or home builders. But you also have to be aware of this substance that is always a component in some of the construction materials. One of these is Asbestos.

Asbestos is a mineral, a natural rock mined from the ground. It is as small as .4 microns. It is hairy‐like and so small that you cannot feel or taste. It is  dangerous when inhaled or swallowed. It can cause difficulty in breathing when it reaches your lungs, it can also impair your blood flow. Swallowed asbestos can cause cancer when it builds up the stomach. It can also cause cancer in the lungs. But because asbestos is a great insulator against heat cold and noise, it is often found in building materials such as fire insulation, heat insulation, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles. These are the materials to watch out for.

In the US, more and more home contractors, builders and home building companies are joining training sessions to learn about Asbestos and how it can be reduced or eliminated in the process of construction and building. The training provides complete information, test and application to ensure contractors will be able to follow the guidelines and process in reducing or eliminating asbestos in construction materials. The training ends with a test to determine their capability and knowledge. A certificate is given to those who pass.

Timmy van Vonno, VP Construction LLC’s Operations Engineer has taken this
training and is now a certified Asbestos Contract/Supervisor. He and his team will
make sure that all of the company’s projects are well taken care of especially with
the materials being used for construction. Explore their website to know more
about VP Construction LLC, how to request a consultation, contact information
and see the services they offer‐

So, if you are plan on renovating or addition a part to your house, getting home
design services, construction companies, or home builders, check whether that
home construction company has certificates especially with Asbestos Training like
VP Construction, LLC.