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A second-floor home addition is a great investment for growing families. It’s a wonderful way to utilize and maximize the square footage of a small property while giving everyone a chance to get creative with the addition of new fixtures and appliances.

Having a second floor has many perks. First, it can give you a great view of the beautiful scenery around your home. Second, it improves air quality due to better ventilation. Third, it increases the market value of your house because of the increased living capacity.

Depending on the varying requirements of a homeowner, the second floor can be utilized better when its features match the function of a specific room. A great deal of planning is needed to create a second level that will prove to be functional for the whole family.

Second Floor Home Addition Ideas

  1. Set up an office. Moving your home office to the second floor is a brilliant idea because the office needs to be away from the busier parts of your home for it to be conducive to anything work related. The ample supply of natural lighting is an added plus, so take advantage of this by locating it in a room where sunlight is present.
  2. Add a playroom. Homeowners with children can take advantage of the great ventilation on the upper floor. It’s great to set up a playroom where there are windows that will give ample supply of natural light.
  3. Create additional bedrooms. A growing family will need more space. By adding more bedrooms on the second level, you will decongest the ground floor dramatically. This adds harmony to the home by giving the family members more breathing room.
  4. Make additional storage space. Making one of the additional rooms on the second floor a storage room is a smart move because as the family grows, more possessions are acquired. This means that you’ll eventually require more storage space than you used to.

    Raising children has several phases, and the items and equipment for child care may be overwhelming simply because they take up too much space. Having a spare room for these items is very beneficial. 
  5. A guest room. One of the best benefits of having a second floor home addition project done on your property is having a dedicated guest room. The added floor will allow space not only for the guest room itself but for a dedicated bath and toilet for your guest room as well.
  6. Create a study room. Much like the office, placing the study room or library on the floor makes it separate from the hustle and noise of a home. Children who are studying can concentrate more in this space rather than keeping on the ground floor where much of the action takes place.
  7. Walk­-in closets and full bathrooms. Having more living space means you can add more luxury features to your home as well. A bedroom that can boast an impressive walk-­in closet is ideal for families with teens. A full bathroom located in between rooms can be placed for siblings to share. The full bathroom can have all the features including a shower, a bathtub and single or double vanity options.

It’s important to note that safety is always a priority for homes created for families especially ones with small children. All rooms on the second floor must have safety features like an escape window and ladders for emergency situations. It’s always best to be prepared in case of any unforeseen accidents and worse-case scenarios.

Adding a second floor signifies growth and expansion. Your new addition means that your family is evolving. What better way to to create future memories than by making sure you have ample space for new family members to come. This may not be an easy and simple project, but once you have committed to it, the tedious planning and execution will all prove to be worthwhile.

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