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5 wellness benefits of keeping your home clean

What do cleaning and working out have in common? Most people “do not have time” for them. Let’s face it! Cleaning is such a chore and working out is just so tedious. While these statements be true, these two are among life’s necessary evils.

Now what about hitting two birds with one stone? It’s a known fact that we all have to maintain our home’s cleanliness for our family’s health but did you know that you can help achieve your fitness goals when you do the actual cleaning?

Cleaning Benefits

You have a clean home and a healthy body so why not? With me now? Here are 5 health and fitness benefits of keeping your home clean:

  1. It burns calories. We just had to put this on top of the list. What else could top this benefit? We can all agree that it is the best reason to get motivated. If you want to shed extra pounds, start moving and clean your house!
    According to Dr. Robert Widman, “..a 130 lb. woman might burn an addition 200 calories engaged in moderate housework such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc. If you venture outside that same woman will burn over 200 calories per hour gardening and in upwards of 275-330 calories shoveling snow.”
  2. It is a form of strength training. This especially for the tougher chores. Dusting your home just won’t be enough for strength training. Spring cleaning is the best example of how physically demanding the chores could get. There will be lifting of heavy boxes, furniture and equipment. The key is to challenge yourself and to do it in a faster pace.
    Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali says “cleaning your house can be considered engaging in physical activity, however, intensity is everything.” So go on another level and start lifting! Just make sure you don’t have any back problems to avoid any injures.
  3. It is a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Cleaning the house in a faster pace without a lot of pauses for rest can be a good cardio workout!
    Make bigger movements if you have to. Another trick is to play upbeat music to keep you going. You can also dance while mopping the floor. Don’t be afraid to look silly! Remember, there’s so much to gain from doing these chores. It’s a winning situation no matter what!
  4. It improves your mood. If you suffer from depression or mood swings, having a messy house won’t help. It’s the fastest way to give one a sense of chaos and stress! Having a clean and orderly environment helps people remain calm and relaxed.
    Clean your home regularly and to help elevate the mood. If you need to clean a little each day, that is fine too. Open the windows and let some sun in. See if you can get some natural ventilation as well. Lift your mood higher by using aromatic oils like lavender and chamomile.
  5. It gives you mental focus. A messy home with so many things that are scattered everywhere is simply a big no-no if you want to have focus.
    If you want to be more productive, make cleaning a regular habit. At least learn the one-in-one-out habit to minimize the mess. Whenever you take out one thing from an area of your house, put it back before you take another from that same area. This works so well especially in home offices.

Having a clean home is vital in maintaining the health and well-being of your family. It essentially helps your relationship with other people by having a calm and stress-free environment that is not prone to arguments and debates.

People who keep their homes tidy and organized are said to be friendly and welcoming people. Their homes are always open to other people and this in turn makes their relationship with other people stronger.

We understand that getting motivated to clean the house can be hard sometimes but always remind yourself of the many benefits. Surely, there’s a lot to gain! Happy cleaning!

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