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Winter ravages even the most well-maintained houses. Most of the beating caused the long winter months are seen on the outside, so many house look a bit shabby after winter. For safety and aesthetic purposes, it is best to deal with exterior home maintenance tasks first thing after the winter season.

Post-winter Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks:

There is no better way to welcome spring than with a lovely home. Tidy up your exteriors and boost your home’s curb appeal by getting the following done:

  • Roof. Your roof braved a good beating during the autumn and winter months. Layers of dead leaves and even heavy layers of snow may have settled on your roof. Regardless of material, it is important that you check your roof for cracks and leaks. Repair where you can and if needed, call in your home repair professionals. Check the vents as well. Birds may have nested on these areas and may have left droppings where bacteria breed. 
  • Chimneys. A huge part of your winter comfort and survival is due to your chimney. After long hours of service during the winter, they definitely need a good cleaning. Bring a powerful flashlight to shine on nooks and crannies. Inspect the surface carefully if you can. Wear a mask and protective eye gear to avoid any stray cinders. Whether you choose to clean the chimney on your own or to hire a certified chimney sweep, make sure you don’t wait until fall, or worse, the next winter to get your chimney cleaned and fixed. 
  • Gutters. This is the time to check your gutters thoroughly and remove any debris that may have been blown in or gotten stuck. Remove dead leaves and other material to ensure unblocked gutters that drain water to the ground. Take note of any repairs that need to be done. Nothing looks more forlorn on a house than a loose or leaky gutter.
  • Faucets. Check your faucets for any possible leak or damage. Outside faucets are prone to freeze damage. If you suspect possible damage, contact your plumber and schedule a repair before you need to start watering your garden again. Your garden hose could also have dry rot, so replacement may be needed as well.  
  • Decks. There is no better way to check the condition of your deck than to walk over it, carefully testing for softness or signs of water damage. Take note of loose boards that need nailing down. Watch out for discoloration too. Discoloration is often a sign that the sealant used on a board has been breached by the elements and resealing is needed. 

Spring is when the earth is awakened from its slumber. Buds burst into bloom while branches sway with the weight of birds coming home from their winter journey. Your house should not be a stranger to this awakening transition. Even so, your lawn and the rest of your home’s exteriors should exude this liveliness. Better get started on the exterior home improvement fixes on the list above to get your home into the lovely vibe of spring.

Do you have a favorite post-winter home maintenance task? Is it something you want to add on our list? Hit us up in the comments below!

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